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How to design a nomadic workstyle

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

A few weeks ago Madhukar Tirunagari sent me this message on Quora.

Hi Nicolas,

May I ask how were you able to get the projects to work on and make money while you were travelling for 2 continuous years ??

I though it would be more interesting to share how to design a nomadic workstyle instead of how to make money.

A bit of history

In 2007, after my first year in a university I understood that softwares as we knew them by that time were on their way to die. My home server was already a source of everything an IT student would need such as music, movies, text editor, webmail, storage, IRC, notes, code editor, calendar and more. My laptop was on Ubuntu and I was a big fan of rsync and webdav. Internet wasn’t so popular on phones but wifi was.

Gmail was born 3 years earlier, Facebook was one year old, Apple introduced the iPhone during our summer holidays.

Based on this observation I had no difficulties to think that what I could do in a small student room were already in a pipe of big companies.

A nomad isn’t alone

In 2008 I went to live in Sydney. My home server was in a bedroom in my dad’s place and I kept using my datas over the internet. I came back to France for a Master. Then I spent 2 years in Paris in a design school while working for a web agency and also as a freelancer.
This experience made me meet many people and expand my network. Finally I designed my entire life to live as a nomad, including my clients.

After 3 years I had enough money to back me up in case of a problem and I left. Nothing changed with my professional network because “Nico’ is like that”. They still poke me when they need and I’m still very bad at having a proper portfolio.

Chose your tools wisely

You can’t travel with a heavy bag even though you plan to work. Take only what you need, nothing else. My “office” fits in a small backpack.

  1. Mac Book Pro Retina 13″ and a mouse
  2. Canon 60D, Sigma 30mm, Sigma 18-200mm
  3. iPhone 6s and Nexus 5 (no sim cards, I only use them to test, check my mails and other easy tasks)
  4. Pens and notebook
  5. Passport and personal papers
  6. Power adaptors

Nomadic work is your choice

Working on the road requires to be organised. Teams are not responsible for your lifestyle, it has to be as transparent.