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Chat on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger from your Mac

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

I grew up with AIM, MSN, ICQ. Later I switched to GTalk and Skype. By that time Pidgin and Adium were two very popular apps loved by thousands of users. Mainly because it was easy to centralize all these messengers. Unfortunately time goes fast and they both became quite obsolete according to users needs and behaviors. I think I naturally quit Adium because of it’s synchronous API. I don’t remember how many messages I lost from people who just wrote while I was away.

Google Hangout, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are now in the landscape. Google did a great job with Hangout by implementing it’s solution everywhere. WhatsApp is now available from our favorite browser (except for iOS) as well as Facebook Messenger but still, you might need your desktop app.

Here comes WhatsMac for WhatsApp and Messenger for Mac for… messenger.

ChitChat (formerly WhatsMac)

The latest version is available here

WhatsMac screenshot

Messenger for Mac

The latest version is available here

messenger for mac screenshot