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Airports IATA & ICAO Codes

Traveling a lot requires some tools especially when it comes to identifying airports. Google is nice and I found many open data lists but they were not convenient so I made one. This open source tool references about 7000 airports. Only the ones with an IATA code but it’s already more than enough you’d say. If you need an exhaustive [...]

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

How to design a nomadic workstyle

A few weeks ago Madhukar Tirunagari sent me this message on Quora. Hi Nicolas, May I ask how were you able to get the projects to work on and make money while you were travelling for 2 continuous years ?? I though it would be more interesting to share how to design a nomadic workstyle instead of how to make money. A bit of history In [...]

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

How to use Android apps on a Mac?

Today, many companies do their best to provide cross device services. I’m a big fan of this logic as you already saw on a previous post about using WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on OSX. But sometimes there is no porting or adaptation. This is mostly the case with mobile games or young startups.  That’s why I started to use [...]

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

IBM Watson Developer Cloud

You probably have heard about Watson, the AI computer system developed by IBM capable of answering questions posed in natural language. Actually this system is built to have the same learning process that humans have through cognition. The interesting thing for us with Watson is it’s Watson Developer Cloud. A collection of APIs that [...]

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages

Lock, an ACL library for PHP

Lock is a PHP library to add a flexible ACL system to your project. Here are some features: Flexible acl permissions for multiple identities (callers) Static or persistent drivers to store permissions Action aliases Roles Conditions (Asserts) Easily implement acl functionality on your caller or role with a trait There is also a Laravel [...]

Nicolas BagesNicolas Bages